Signal Control Platform

ISCP3000 Intelligent Networking Signal Control Platform

Platform description                        

FAMA traffic cloud management platform is a traffic information management cloud platform based on micro-service, taking the urban road traffic as the main body, collecting and summarizing information from electronic police, induction coil, RFID, traffic video in real time. Based on the big data storage and processing capability of cloud computing platform and advanced technologies such as parallel computing, intelligent recognition of video content and semantic understanding, a comprehensive mathematical model of urban traffic is established to implement comprehensive management and intelligent show guidance of urban traffic, improve the efficiency of urban traffic,reduce congestion and make it more convenient for the public to travel.

Significance of intelligent networked signal control platform

Intelligent transportation system changes the traditional transportation system through cloud processing. By enhancing the informatization, intelligentization, integration of the traffic system and making it networked as well as improving the intelligence collection of traffic information,traffic , road noise, traffic accidents, weather, temperature, etc, guarantee the interaction between driver-vehicle-road and environment, so as to improve the efficiency,, accessibility and economic efficiency of the traffic system to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption.

Advantages of intelligent networked signal control platform

 Multi-protocol access

Detect vehicle information and parking space information through the sensor on the street light pole, realizing orderly and safe management of parking.

● Simple installation and maintenance and low workload

Because the traffic management platform adopts self-research and deployment platform installation, without other control equipment and cumbersome software settings, it reduces the installation and maintenance workload, and the maintenance personnel are easier to get started.

● Modular design, high stability and developability

The system adopts distributed and centralized management structure and can be configured with multi-tier architecture. One or more services can be deployed on multiple cloud servers.Failure of any one of the servers does not affect the normal operation of the s signal machine.

● Function list

1. Centralized control function

2. Basic timing function of signal machine

3. Fault alarm

4. Special guard duties (secret service function)

5. Regional coordination to alleviate congestion

6. Map GPS positioning

7. Green wave function

8. Remote manual control

9. Traffic flow statistical analysis function

10. Equipment maintenance function

Service provided by platform

Intersection visualization                        

The ability to use maps in an offline environment is provided.

Secret service control

1. The user can select from the per-configured police D route per-rate by manual secret service control in the control center to provide fast access routes for the convoy and other secret service vehicles (such as firefighting trucks, emergency ambulances, engineering emergency vehicles, etc) performing security tasks.

2. Carry on the manual intervention to restore the normal operation of the intersection, which has passed through.

3. Perform a multi-window, real-time video playback of secret service's rou tes by connecting a camera.

Manual linkage                        

Manually control the direction of the intersection on a single area.

Abnormal counting

Record the equipment performance log , including changes to the internal operation of the signal machine, exception errors, external operations, offline, and so on. The exception status of each record can be modified..

Information release                        

1. Parking space information.

2. Construction and maintenance.

3. Weather information.

4. Traffic control.

5. Driving standards.

6. Road network status.

Green wave control

1. Different service plans can be used for varying service types .

2. For special events, multiple secret service and green wave route schemes can be preset.After the scheme is called, the whole process of video monitoring and manual auxiliary control are performed.

Statistical analysis of traffic data                        

With the help of cloud distributed architecture  the massive data collected by the front end can be dispersed to the cloud nodes, and support hourly playback: supporting real-time filtering of vehicles can directly present macro scenes and changes of large-scale traffic on a large scale, help traffic departments to grasp the distribution of traffic flow more accurately,quickly coordinate road resources , dive full play to the overall performance , and effectively improve the traffic forecasting level.

Right distribution

1. With different permissions, there are different restrictions on the user's operation of the platform.

2. In the diagram, the user can only operate the functions of department management and operation log.

Fault degradation control

In a failure degradation mechanism, the system runs safely and reliably, the central software can monitor the operation status of all the equipment in the system, and give an alarm when the equipment fails. In case that there are serious conflicts, for example, green conflict occurs all the red lights of a certain signal group are off, or the red lights and green lights of a signal group are on at the same time, the signal machine shall be able to cut off the signal output channel automatically and switch to the yellow flash or off state immediately. The signal machine is equipped with an independent yellow flasher, the yellow flash can be controlled even if the main controller of the signal machine fails, and the system is successively reduced to a network control -single-point control-yellow flash.

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