Intelligent Pedestrian Traffic Control Promotion Solution

Introduction FAMA TRAFFIC

Intelligent Pedestrian Traffic Control Promotion (IPTCP) Solution is applied to control and prevent pedestrians from running red lights, give effective instructions to the blind persons crossing the road, so as to minimize traffic accidents on the zebra crossing, by setup of camera to take snapshot, voice reminder for broadcasting and LCD screen for media exposure and other means. In addition, an on-ground LED warning sign is set at the zebra crossing, which operates in synchronization with the traffic lights to light the crossing area and remind phubbers so as to solve the problems of poor visibility in harsh weather and pedestrians phubbing and running red lights, thus providing a practical and effective off-site control means for the traffic authority to prevent pedestrians running the red light and to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing roads


 Relieving insufficient police force

With off-site automatic evidence collection, the system will operate all day long to eliminate the inadequate road traffic control in terms of time and space to some extent, which will alleviate the problem of insufficient police force and difficulty in on-site law enforcement and evidence collection, and ensure that acts of pedestrians running red lights will be corrected and restrained in a timely and effectively manner.

 High environmental adaptability

Using algorithms based on image features and machine learning, and based on detection of pedestrians' movements, color and profile features, this system enables snapshot capturing in complicated scenarios, avoid the false detection caused by shadow and camera shaking, and automatically detects illegal behavior of pedestrians while crossing roads by video-monitoring means.

 Warning & Publicity

Once a traffic offense is detected, the system will give audible and visible warning, and relevant image is released on a high-brightness outdoor display, which can not only promptly expose the pictures of pedestrians acting in violation, but also show public advertisements and traffic propaganda slogans during the time when green light holds on, further improving the publicity of observing traffic rules and helping to improve the quality of citizens.

 Multimedia Warning  

Reminders and warnings are given not only by means of signal lights and audible and visible media, but also by the on-ground LED warning signs set in arrays, which synchronously displays the countdown of seconds for green light duration or slogans of traffic rules, providing improved visibility of the zebra crossing to drivers while effectively reminding and alerting the pedestrians phubbing or absent-minded.


1) Independence without mutual interference

The intelligent integrated pedestrian-guided column and on-ground LED sign controller in the solution have separate master control units respectively, which operate in a distributed manner, with the failure of either one having no effect on the normal operation of the other. Different from the traditional solution where one main control unit is used for one intersection, this solution will have the whole system operating normally without being impaired in case that MCU is damaged

2) Independent system in stable operation (urban roads, highways, rural roads, etc.).

With an embedded Linux OS, this solution will ensure smooth operation of the system, and the on-board eight USB ports (available for expanded connection of cameras) and three RS-485 interfaces (available for expanded connection of other devices) are ready for special connection demand in future

3) Safe and reliable power supply at low voltage

The on-ground equipment system in this solution is powered by DC 24V supply, without risk of electric leakage, which ensures the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles during operation

Product Series FAMA TRAFFIC

Intelligent integrated pedestrian-guided column                        

Pedestrian-running-red-light module

Multimedia Display Module

Local Processing Function  

Pedestrian Detection Module

Speaker Module

Light Strip Module  

On-ground LED warning signs

High-strength material

High protection grade  

Stable light source

Multi-mode trigger  

Customizable design  

Multi-mode display

Customized Options  FAMA TRAFFIC

Application of all-weather self-luminous zebra crossing

Application of interlaced self-luminous zebra crossing

Application of end-luminous zebra crossing (400*600)

Application of end-luminous zebra crossing (200*400)

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