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Solutions Of Active Safety Warning Product

Introduction FAMA TRAFFIC

Active safety warning system is to help traffic participants discover the invisible situation in time through radar, video and third-party data etc., remind traffic participants pay attention to the possible risks by means of sound,light,electricity and other forms, so that they can timely discover, judge in advance, take measures, and actively prevent the occurrence of traffic safety accidents.



By installing detection and warning equipment, it can monitor the dynamics of passing vehicles and pedestrians and send warning signals to the warning facilities along the opposite lanes in real time, to achieve the purpose of "active detection → active warning → active intervention".


It can realize the functions of vehicle and pedestrian movement detection, warning information reminder and warning, and improve the safety of pedestrians and motor vehicles at complex intersections.


By installing warning equipment such as luminous sign /LED text screen/horn/flash spike, real-time warning can be achieved.

Application Scenario FAMA TRAFFIC

1) Road intersection warning.

2) Sight guidance and warning for complex road conditions and bad weather (urban roads, highways, rural roads, etc.).

3) Non-light controlled zebra crossing guide and warning.

4) Traffic safety key/difficult points and other individual needs.

Design Sketch FAMA TRAFFIC

Product presentation FAMA TRAFFIC

Product Series FAMA TRAFFIC

Standard version: integrated active safety warning                        

Power grid/solar powered

Fully permeable light luminous sign

Radar/video detection

Separation of solar power supply system

Integration design sheet metal structure

Outdoor low power highlighting P10 two-color LED display

All configuration can be 360 ° rotation

Simple version: integrated active safety warning

Power grid/solar powered

LED inlaid luminous sign  

Radar detection

Aluminum profile structure  

LED inlaid screen  

All configurations can be rotated 360°

Split active safety warning:                        

T-junction or intersection warning sign

Crosswalk warning sign

P10 module 1280*640mm

Power supply and gateway controller box

Sidewalk sign:

1. Specification :3000X300X160mm;  

2. Use visual light sources. Crossing sign is white;

3. White, red, red and white; Single-side yellow flashing light;

4. Visual distance at night >1500m;

5. Recognition distance >300m;

6. luminescent light intensity: white light >18000mcd/pcs;

7. Red light ≥8000mcd/pcs;  

8. Flash frequency: crossing sign: red and white transform each flash 5 times, 30 times/min;

9. Yellow flashing light :60 times/min;

10. luminescent diameter :20mm;  

11. Working temperature :-35--65C;  

12. Storage requirements: lithium battery,

13. lifetime ≥20 months (replaceable)  

14. Continuous working time >120H after full charge;

15. Sign on the back, front, side super red and white reflective membrane, phase, red film with red light, white film with white light;

16. The sign is white;  

17. Weather resistance >5 years.

Fully permeable luminous sign:                        

Metal frame: Special aluminum alloy frame structure with good quality, heat dissipation and strength

Control mode : Steady on, blinking, synchronous blinking, and triggered blinking

Power supply mode  : Solar or power grid

Ultra-thin structure   : Board face: 8mm ultra-thin

Construction Case  FAMA TRAFFIC

It successfully used as a pilot in Shenzhen in 2021, and set up in Bao’an road, the intersection of S359 and auxiliary road of Baoshi road , No. 313, Xin’an section of Guangshen road, and the auxiliary road near Guangming Water Factory. The implementation effect has been unanimously recognized by the relevant departments.

Contract pictures of full transmittance small sign and traditional sign.

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