Internet of Things Management Platform

Solution Background

With the continuous maturity of Internet of Things technology, its application is also expanding. For example: finance, health care, logistics, etc. In many areas, the combination of the Internet of Things and the transportation industry will be increasingly closer, playing an increasingly important role in the construction of intelligent transportation.

System Overview

Based on NB-IoT and other Internet of Things technologies, the FAMA transport Internet of Things platform enables intelligent interconnection of transportation facilities, realizes intelligent management and service of "things" in traffic, promotes the close cooperation among people, vehicles and roads in the traffic management system, and improves the traffic and transportation environment to improve the utilization rate of resources.

1. Intelligent Parking                        

Comprehensively monitor parking applications through the cloud platform, manage urban parking space resources to ease traffic jam, make parking convenient and orderly and enable the public to conveniently park nearby.

 Detect vehicle information and parking space information through the sensor on the street light pole, realizing orderly and safe management of parking.

2. Intelligent Traffic Guidance Screen

Urban release systems will be built in all major road sections and public places, such as parks, commercial squares and stations.

 Release air quality and traffic flow, important government news, and other information to facilitate citizens' travel and broaden urban communication channels.

3. Architecture Diagram                        

Network layer.

 Application level.

4. Functions And Features                        

Map anchor.

 State monitoring.

 Identification and tracking.

 Smart operation.

5. The Application Of The Internet Of Things                        

All street lights are on in remote areas, resulting in a waste of energy: supervisors are unable to respond quickly to faulty street lights, causing inconvenience to members of the public. Accurate management and effective energy saving of 30%-50%.

 On-demand lighting control: multiple control modes.

 Automatic fault reporting: realize remote management..

6. Smart Camera                        

Embed the micro-video system into the lamp cap, build the urban area video surveillance system, effectively supplement the "Skynet system" video surveillance blank and improve the level of urban security to effectively protect the people's personal and property safety.


Flexible and controllable traffic dispersion

Highly efficient and convenient equipment maintenanc

Responsive environmental monitoring

Public safety and emergency support

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