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Peru LED Traffic Light project
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  • 2020

Peru LED Traffic Light project

Fama Traffic completes a new project in Peru.  the project including the traffic lights, solar system, wireless controllers, and poles, all from Fama Intelligent Equipment CO., Ltd

Our traffic signal main features as follow:
1. High efficiency & long-life LED
2. Reduced operational costs
3. Moisture and dust resistant
4. Bright and highly visible illumination
5. Uniform optical output
6. Maintains both a high level of phantom contrast  and a good anti-washout performance

7. Specifically designed to meeting world standards

As a main manufacturer and exporter in the ITS industry, FAMA Traffic always devotes ourselves to providing equipment, technology, and services in traffic signals, lamp poles, and traffic controllers. Please feel free to contact us once you need any information from us. Overseas sales and exports to more than 150 countries, more than 20,000 traffic projects.

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