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Traffic Management Solution
Solution Background

The road condition is general.Vehicle speed is fast causeing frequent traffic accidents

Signal control facilities are not completed road traffic congestion.

The government human resource is limited,traffic management difficulty is huge.

System Overview

Intelligent traffic management platform includes one platform,two centers,and various applications

Different users from multiple application are allowed to share a single cloud system simultaneously

The platform can be used to display traffic flow,signal scheme,illegal statistics,devices operation and maintenance and other services on the screen,which is more clear and intuitive.

  • Change the traditional operation and maintenance mode, realize the automatic management flow of application release and inspection of the system, and establish the automatic operation and maintenance platform

  • Lighten the burden of operation and maintenance personnel, raise work efficiency and lower the threshold of operation and maintenance

  • Reduce the manual operation steps in the operation and maintenance process and lower the manual operation risk

  • Make the operation and maintenance more scientific and reasonable through the analysis of operation and maintenance data