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Operation and Maintenance Management Platform
Solution Background

With the use of the system on a larger scale, it is inappropriate to maintain the entire system as before, characterized by low efficiency and a large waste of manpower and material resources. However, automatic operation and maintenance can reduce the human error, enhance the stability and reliability of the system, simplify the operation of deployment to realize the one-key deployment of the business, lighten the burden of deployment personnel or operation and maintenance personnel, save deployment time, and improve deployment efficiency.

System Overview

The management platform is set up to achieve the integrated management of the message center service, MySQL database access services, gateway services, centralized control services of signal machine, command services and other services, to realize one-key deployment, module control, module inspection, system inspection, fault location and health reporting, and to effectively improve the timeliness of system failure disposal and system operation and maintenance efficiency, thus reducing operation and maintenance costs, and ensuring the stable operation of each module's service.

  • Change the traditional operation and maintenance mode, realize the automatic management flow of application release and inspection of the system, and establish the automatic operation and maintenance platform

  • Lighten the burden of operation and maintenance personnel, raise work efficiency and lower the threshold of operation and maintenance

  • Reduce the manual operation steps in the operation and maintenance process and lower the manual operation risk

  • Make the operation and maintenance more scientific and reasonable through the analysis of operation and maintenance data