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Road Traffic Safety
Solution Background

The distance of visual recognition depends on the brightness of the light source, without light source, traffic signs will not shine. Driving at night or in extreme weather, drivers need to use high beams to see the traffic signs. However, according to civilized driving requirements, motor vehicle drivers are often requested to turn on dipped lights when drive at night. At this time the passive luminous traffic sign products can not play the role of safety warning. When the intense lights are turned on, it will strike the driver or pedestrian's eyes, the glare will instantly darken the eyes, the reaction time and braking distance need double than usual time, thus prone to traffic accidents. Especially in the rainy day or under heavy haze conditions, passive luminous signs can not play a warning role.

System Overview
The city construction of graphic luminous guide sign, visual distance at night is the same as daytime, no blind visual area, it can reduce the car to turn on strong light at night, avoid to cause safety problems. In rain, snow, fog, haze and other bad days, the visual distance can be increased up to four times. Compared with the reflective sign, the graphic luminous guide sign makes up for the lack of visual distance in bad days. 
  • Change the traditional operation and maintenance mode, realize the automatic management flow of application release and inspection of the system, and establish the automatic operation and maintenance platform

  • Lighten the burden of operation and maintenance personnel, raise work efficiency and lower the threshold of operation and maintenance

  • Reduce the manual operation steps in the operation and maintenance process and lower the manual operation risk

  • Make the operation and maintenance more scientific and reasonable through the analysis of operation and maintenance data

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