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Geomagnetic vehicle detection system
Solution Background

Collecting and making analysis of the information from traflic flow at the crossroads, 

Test the status automatically when vehicles parking and driving away

System Overview

Collecting and making analysis of the information from traflic flow at the crossroads, the wireless geomagnetic vehicle detectors transmit data to wireless geomagnetic signal receiver.In this way to achieve control of the traffic lights and regulate traffic flow effectlvely.Traffic congestionIs reduced.

Wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector system can detect vehicle passing information and do statistical analysis of traffic.which is better to replace the traditional coil type.It can be applied to urban transportation, highway traffic information collection, light control, measuring speed at traffic checkpoint , red light running snapshot, etc.It does not need wiring when install the wireless geomagnetic vehicle detectors, also does not require an external power supply.The product has a strong adaptability and it can work in various complex weather conditions.

  • Change the traditional operation and maintenance mode, realize the automatic management flow of application release and inspection of the system, and establish the automatic operation and maintenance platform

  • Lighten the burden of operation and maintenance personnel, raise work efficiency and lower the threshold of operation and maintenance

  • Reduce the manual operation steps in the operation and maintenance process and lower the manual operation risk

  • Make the operation and maintenance more scientific and reasonable through the analysis of operation and maintenance data

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