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200mm Full Ball LED Traffic Light


200mm Full Ball LED Traffic Light

Model: JD200-3-FM31(TYPE01)

Housing Material: GE UV resistance PC

Working Voltage: DC12/24V; AC85-265V 50HZ/60HZ

Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

LED QTY: 90(pcs) each color

Certifications: CE(LVD, EMC) , EN12368, ISO9001, ISO14001, IP55

Product Features

Novel design with beautiful appearance

Low power consumption

High efficiency and brightness

Large viewing angle

Long lifespan-more than 80,000 hours

Special Features

Multi-layer sealed and waterproof

Exclusive optical lensing and good color uniformity

Long viewing distance

Keep up with CE, GB14887-2007, ITE EN12368 and relevant international standards

Technical Parameter
200mm Luminous Assemblage Parts Color LED Quantity Wavelength(nm) Visual Angle Power Consumption
>230 Red Full Ball Red 90pcs 625±5 30 ≤7W
>230 Yellow Full Ball Yellow 90pcs 590±5
>230 Green Full Ball Green 90pcs 505±5
Packing Info
200mm Full Ball LED Traffic Light
Packing Size Quantity Net Weight Gross Weight Wrapper Volume(m³)
0.91*0.33*0.23 m 1 pcs /carton box 6.86kg 8kg K=K carton 0.07
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