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Intelligent traffic signal controller is used to control the traffic flow in multiple ways at an intersection, for individual intersection control, or as a system component of a comprehensive Traffic Management System. Our Controller has Independent and networked two kinds. Independent Traffic Controller Features: Built-in central control system to ensure work stability Easy for maintenance and function extension by adopting modular design 44 outputs and 16 light groups with work current of 10A Extensible RS-232?RS-485 interface to communicate with upper computer Able to adjust, check and set while  working  2*99 work periods for workday and holiday setting   32 working menus used for any period  Each menu can include 99 steps and 1~255s each stepCentralized Coordination Type Traffic Controller Features: Owns several control ways including manual, automatic, yellow flash and several control function, such as multi-times, multi-phases. The modules in

led traffic light
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