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zebra crossing Buried Light
Model:zebra crossing Buried Light

Luminous Surface Size:




The Light Bar Height

Thickness  Stainless:2.5mm

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1, Special Design for Zebra Crossing Pedestrian, with 505nm Green and 625nm Red light, good color uniformity, soft, not dazzling . When the sun is strong,  The Light with the maximum brightness. At night the brightness automatically dimming to 30% by light sensor.

2, Anti high strength compression and vibration: use 10mm frosted tempered glass, the surface is designed to prevent slippery; Own design of rubber spring for buffer the pressure when car running over the Product.

3, The embedded parts easy for maintenance , only need to release the screw to replace the Product.

4,IP67 waterproof Constant current power supply, response time<100ms, without delay, synchronized with pedestrian traffic lights;

5, Best heat sink with unique buried ventilation holes;

8, Novelty design with beautiful appearance, covered by stainless steel surface.

9, Length :1M/pcs, also can be customized,

6, Waterproof: IP67.

7, Warranty> 3 years.

8, Working Voltage:DC36V,  Power:50W



Zebra Crossing.png

How to connect power supply and light:

Each power supply can connect 3 light, take electricity direct from pedestrian light, power supply waterproof >IP67.

Photosensitive are inside the power supply, The Light are dimming simultaneously. Day time brightness 100%, at night dimming to 30%. 

Crossing Buried Light.png


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